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The National Forum for Musical Education was born in 2008 in order to provide associations, federations and national bodies which, at various levels, operate in musical educational field, with a permanent platform of confrontation and coordination. It has always been a reference point, a space for discussion and promotion of musical initiatives and projects as an educative and formative factor. It has established itself as a privileged voice for musical education in the society and in the institutions, and it has been legally founded as an association in 2018.

The National Forum for Musical Education is a space for interaction and valorization of the role that associations have been performing for a long time in the field of musical educative and cultural activities. Any association’s characteristics of approach, thought and proficiencies, come together in the shared awareness that music, in its various phenomena, carries out a crucial cultural and aesthetic task during the whole of everyone’s life, and that musical education is a fundamental right of all citizens.

The National Forum for Musical Education aims to the followings:

  • To promote, in cultural, social and political fields, the acknowledgement of the role of associations for musical education in spreading, at any formative level, good practices and educative musical experiences;
  • To ask the institutions to satisfy the exigence of guarantee and extend a constant and consistent presence of music teaching in schools of any grade and order, through teachers owning adequate and certificated proficiencies;
  • To promote the establishment, at a regional level, of Formative Integrated Musical Systems involving institutional bodies (Music Conservatories, Universities, Schools, local Bodies) and associations (also known as “third sector”), both in educative/scholastic fields and in social projects;
  • To stress the importance of the role that associations – together with Music Conservatories, Universities and Schools can perform in teachers and musical operators‘ early and continuous formation in the socio-educational field;
  • To ask the institutions to authorize administrative and fiscal formulas favorably to the spreading of musical education.

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